When circumstances call for private investigation in either a criminal or civil suit, you want the job done quickly and efficiently. With HPS you are hiring licensed, experienced professionals with a proven track record. HPS has the tools, connections and experience you need.

We specialize in difficult skip traces, working to locate your target at either their home or place of employment, allowing you to find exactly who you are looking for and the information you need to contact them.

Want to keep an eye on someone? Contact us for your professional and discreet surveillance needs, or let us do the behind-the-scenes work with asset investigations and background investigations on both individuals and corporations. We have the resources and knowledge to get to the bottom line, from the simple to complex with complete profile workups.

Don’t let big jobs be a big hassle! HPS can assist you with high volume cases, including class action lawsuits with limited information on multiple targets. Private investigation to help you focus on what you need to focus on while we find what our clients need.

Plus, let us help you with even more:

  • Adoption Locates
  • Corporate Fraud
  • Credit Reports (with signed release)
  • Criminal and Civil Histories
  • Database Record Profiles
  • Difficult Skip Trace Locates (confirmed & verified)
  • Driver’s License History
  • Employment Screening
  • Federal and State Tax Filings/Liens
  • Insurance Fraud Investigations
  • Place of Employment Locate Investigations
  • Real Estate Property Investigations
  • Surveillance (Local & Nationwide)
  • Telephone Record Research
  • Vehicle License Plate Research
  • Worker’s Compensation Investigations

Contact us to get pricing, more information, or to start your assignment today.

Private Investigation