Legal Process Service Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does your service cost?
A. HPS will quote you a flat rate when you place your order. We accept multiple types of payments for all services. We also offer bulk discounts for large volumes. Contact us for details.

Q. How do I let the court know I want HPS to serve my papers?
A. Simply provide the court clerk with the appropriate Motion to Appoint Servers along with a cover letter explaining that HPS will be handling the service.

Q. I don’t have my service papers yet and the court tells me I need a special form private process server form before they will process my paperwork, what do I do?
A. HPS can provide you the needed form.

Q. I don’t really know where they live but I have a few addresses, can you try them all?
A. Yes, we are able to try multiple address; however a flat rate charge applies to each address the server works.

Q. I don’t know where the Defendant lives or works, what can I do?
A. HPS will need to have an address for service at either the target’s home or place of employment. If you don’t have this information we can help you find the target’s home through HPS’ Investigation Services.

Q. How many attempts does your service include?
A. Depending on the address, most jobs include 4-5 attempts. Some assignment fees may include fewer attempts.

Q. Can you attempt service on a specific date/at a specific time?
A. Yes, we will follow any instructions that are given.

Q. The sheriff already tried to serve the paper, what do you offer that is different?
A. HPS attempts service at different times, on different days, we check with the neighbors, dress in plain clothes, run car tags and have props that we occasionally need. HPS does not leave a notice on the door to preserve the element of surprise. HPS works weekends, early mornings and evenings to get your paper served.

Q. What if you don’t get them served?
A. HPS can assist you in obtaining new papers for service. Our office will also work with you to develop a new approach to achieve success.

Q. What happens after my papers are served?
A. HPS will provide you with a completed and notarized Affidavit of Service. This is a requirement and the affidavit should be filed with the issuing court in order to finalize the process. HPS can file this document on your behalf for a small fee.

Q. Does HPS guarantee service?
A. No, there is not a guarantee your target will be served; although HPS enjoys a very high success rate and we utilize experienced and seasoned legal process servers who will work with you diligently through the process to complete your assignment satisfactorily.

Q. Do you serve targets on a RUSH basis?
A. Yes, for an additional fee your assignment will be placed on a same day RUSH.

Private Investigations Service Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you find someone who is avoiding or hiding?
A. That is our specialty! We call them difficult locates and we love a challenge.

Q. What if I have limited information on the person I need found? I am not sure of their date of birth or social security number.
A. The date of birth, last known address and social security number are all called identifiers. We need to be sure we locate the correct person for you so we do need something to assist with the location of your subject.

Q. What is the difference between an in-house skip trace and a confirmed and verified locate?
A. An in-house skip is a database search with the last known reported address. A confirmed and verified is a VERIFIED address.

Q. I want to locate my ex girlfriend/boyfriend – can you help me with that?
A. In a situation like this, we use the right to first contact. That simply means that in a personal situation, after we locate the subject we ask if they would like to have contact with our client. This is done to protect the privacy of this person if they choose not to have contact.

Q. What if you find the person is living out of the US or is in jail?
A. If the person is in jail, you are provided with the address in which they currently reside along with a possible release date. If living outside the United States you will be supplied with the information of what country they are residing and the option to open an International locate.

Q. What happens if you can’t find them?
A. There is a very small percentage of subjects that can not be found for the flat rate. It tends to run about 5%-7%. These subjects tend to be those that have multiple warrants out on them or have moved overseas. In those situations we do confirm you wish to have us continue and we request and hourly rate.

Q. Is it ‘guaranteed’ that you will find them…and if you don’t, do I still have to pay?
A. While it is not guaranteed it is important to note almost all of our subjects are found with the flat rate. If your subject is not found you are still required to pay but you will get a detailed report as to what has been done to locate your subject and what would be required to continue the investigation.

Q. What types of ‘tactics’ does HPS take to find someone?
A. The tactics that are used to locate someone vary with each subject. Our investigators have significant experience in working “difficult locates” using a variety of methods.